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How Does AYIO Work for providers?

With AYIO, you offer your skills and passions as services to others on our Social Business Platform. We enable you to become self-employed with just a few clicks, without having to worry about administrative work, advertising, communication and billing. Focus on what you love to do and what makes you happy.

Create a Listing

The creation of a new service offer (listing) is very easy and soon other people can book you. Create additional listings for further services you want to provide.
Create Listing
Create a new listing with descriptive title and description.Pictures and an introduction video improve the presentation of your listing. Keywords (tags) help to be found via the search function.
Find Listing
Once the listing has been saved, it can be found through the search and other people can book you.

Provide your Services

When you have an active listing, you will receive service requests soon and will be notified. Now it's serious and you should execute your first service successfully.
Accept request
Describe what you need where and when, so that the chosen provider can create a price quote. Add pictures to better describe your needs. The provider will check your request and you will receive a notification as soon as the price quote is ready.
Create quote
Based on the customer’s needs you will prepare a quote that covers your efforts, material and expenses. You can also offer a fixed price for your service.
Adjust quote
If the customer is not satisfied with your quote, you can adjust it at any time.
Execute service
At the given time you start with the service execution. You can record your working time with the built-in timer and record important events with text and pictures as activity.
Adjust cost
If additional material or more or less time was required than originally planned during service execution, it can be adjusted. In case of an increase in costs, the approval of the customer is required before you can compete the service at higher costs. If the customer declines, the agreed costs remain valid for completion.
Complete service
Upon completion of the service, the customer will accept the service or request a service improvement in the event of dissatisfaction, which will put the service back into execution. Upon service acceptance by the client or at the latest 72h after you complete the service, the payment will be executed.
Rate customer
Rate the customer to give other service providers an impression of working with him.


Track financials
In the accounting section you always see a current overview of your income and expenses. Incomes are automatically added as soon as a service has been completed.
Record expenses
You can add your business expenses yourself so that your profit is calculated correctly. You can either upload the receipts of your expenses directly or scan them with the AYIO mobile app and link them directly to an expense.
View profit statement
The profit statement shows the financial success of your activities on AYIO. At the end of the year, you can print it out conveniently and attach it to your tax return as a receipt.


The integrated chat feature allows a quick and easy communication with your customers before, during and after service requests.