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Hey we are Bill and David and we cooperate on AYIO. Check out our movies below to learn from us and get the help you need. You’ll be fascinated how easy you can do business here, serve people and make them happy!

Create a basic profile that allows you to request services on AYIO

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Signing up for AYIO as easy as possible but as secure as needed.

Book a service fast and very simple with AYIO

  • book
  • book service
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  • booking
  • define service
  • custom service
  • custom requirements

  1. Hey, I’m David and I’m gonna show you today how easy you book services on AYIO
  2. Simply hit the “Request service” button on any listing to book it
  3. Titel, and Description get automatically populated
  4. If you need to, you can add custom requirements to the request description and also add a file or photo by clicking Add file +
  5. Then check if your home address is fine as “place of service delivery”
  6. If you want the service to be delivered somewhere else simply change to any address you like
  7. Define when (date and time) the service need to be delivered
  8. Hit “Request”
  9. That's it, I've just requested Bill’s guitar lesson
  10. Nice, not?

Something unexpected happened and plans are changing? No worries, simply communicate and ask the Ayiopreneur to change accordignly

  • change
  • change during delivery
  • change request
  • unexpected
  • chat
  • communicate

  1. O no, i cannot do my guitar lesson tonight. Let me inform Bill
  2. Hey Bill, can we move the guitar lesson to tomorrow please?, something unexpected happened and i can’t attend
  3. Hey David, no worries, do you want the lesson to be held at the same time tomorrow?
  4. Yes, that’s fine for me. An by the way, please copy and paste this chat conversation into the comments section on the dashboard so we both have the transparency about what we’ve agreed
  5. In case a change would impact financials, simply ask the Ayiopreneur to update the quote. Subsequently I can approve the quote to make it the valid one...

If you’re not able to accept and check a service within 24 hours upon completion, simply extend the service acceptance deadline

  • service acceptance deadline
  • extensions
  • acceptance
  • can’t check
  • unable to check service results
  • results to be checked
  • check

  1. Extending the acceptance deadline is even easier than anything else on AYIO
  2. Just go to the “my request” section and then to the “ in progress” tab
  3. Click view results, and then “Extend acceptance deadline >”
  4. I’ve got now 2 more days to accept a completed service
  5. That’s it!

If you're not fully satisfied with the quality of a service delivered, you can ask one time for an improvement

  • improvement
  • ask for improvement
  • improve quality
  • improve service
  • bad service
  • not good
  • quality lack

  1. Just go to the “my request” section and then to the “in progress” tab
  2. Click view results, and then “Request service improvement >”
  3. Add a comment to explain why you are not happy
  4. That’s it
  5. Keep in mind that this feature is only available one time

Ratings should be honest but fair

  • rate
  • rating
  • rate ayiopreneur
  • ayiopreneur
  • epic
  • geniality
  • quality
  • reliability
  • wow
  • fair
  • weak
  • poor

  1. Upon successful completion of a service I can rate Bill
  2. Pick for the 3 criterions a rating between 1 and 5 stars
  3. Keep in mind that if you rate lower than 4 starts it’s mandatory to comment why
  4. Bill gets an EPIC (5 stars) for quality, another EPIC (5 stars) for geniality but a WOW (4 stars) for reliability because Bill came a bit too late...
  5. Anyway i really appreciate Bills guitar lessons and i think i’ll request him again

If you need the same service again, simply do that by hitting the “Request again” buttons in your “My request” section in the “Completed” tab

  • request again
  • happy with service
  • again
  • request another time
  • same service again

  1. Go to “My requests”
  2. Then to the “Completed” tab
  3. Hit the “Request again” button to again request the same service

If you have any additional questions or problems with AYIO, please contact us at any time with the form below. We usually process your message within 24 hours.

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