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Hey we are Bill and David and we cooperate on AYIO. Check out our movies below to learn from us and get the help you need. You’ll be fascinated how easy you can do business here, serve people and make them happy!

Create a basic profile that allows you to request services on AYIO

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Signing up for AYIO as easy as possible but as secure as needed.

Become an Ayiopreneur by creating a listing that is found easily

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Important, add as many keywords (tags) as possible

Let me show you today, how you can create a Listing that can be easily found on AYIO:

  1. Let me show you today, how you can create a Listing that can be easily found on AYIO
  2. If you’re logged in, there is button called “Become an Ayiopreneur”
  3. If you hit that button, you get to the manage Listings section
  4. Simply click on “Create Listing” to offer your services on AYIO
  5. You can upload a short video about you or your service and add a Listing Title.
  6. Make sure the Titel delivers the key message of your service, keep it short but explicit.
  7. In my case I would simply call my Listing, Guitar Teacher
  8. Very important, add as many keywords as possible in order to describe your service. Keywords also called Tags help your Listing to be found on AYIO. I would add Guitar, Teacher, professional, Music lessons, music, Guitar teacher and so on...
  9. Now you can go into a bit more detail if you want and describe you and your service with all different aspects needed. In my case: I’am passionate guitar teacher and i’d like to share that passion with you.
  10. Add the Location where you think you could usually serve people. In my case Seestrasse 55, Zurich. Your Listing will be shown on the map at exactly that Location.
  11. Pick at least one Category out of our 6 AYIO industries, in my case i would definitely pick the industry “Leisure” with the category Music, but also “Community” Party and Events cause as a Guitar Teacher i could also play at parties if somebody want me to...
  12. Add at least one photo that shows you or what you do
  13. Finally also indicate how much you think you’d worth per hore.
  14. Create Listing
  15. Share on Facebook if you want?, Otherwise hit done
  16. Right now you’re on the market and your listing is found on AYO and its’ map
  17. Let me show you how to find it
  18. Guitar teacher
  19. Hey here we go

Simply communicate, agree service details and quote and establish the contract on AYIO

  • Create service
  • custom service
  • customize
  • agree details with client
  • client requirements
  • requirements
  • client
  • service details
  • agree changes
  • edit service
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  • accept service
  • create quote
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  • financials
  • add expenses
  • add products
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  • expenses
  • hourly rate
  • fixed price
  • establish contract
  • contractual agreement
  • contract
  • send quote for approval
  • chat
  • communicate
  • client
  • agree
  • money
  • cash

  1. Hey there is a notification popping up on AYIO, let me see who it is?
  2. Wow, after just a few hours on the platform i got my first request from David for a guitar lesson. Let’s check the details
  3. Cuul, he’d like to learn playing guitar like Jimmy Hendrix, i think i can help him.
  4. Oo no, that day doesn’t work for me
  5. You know what let’s propose a new date and time to David
  6. “Hey David, unfortunately i’m busy at the 8th could we do it at the 9th, 8 o'clock in the evening?”
  7. Seems like David wants me to teach at his home, that’s fine for me
  8. Nice, David has already confirmed new date is fine
  9. Now i simply update the request with the agreed new date and start preparing the quote
  10. I hit the create quote button and add the money i need to offer my service to David
  11. Also i charge him 60 swissies for the travel time and the train ticket needed to go to Davids place and back.
  12. Let’s see if he’s happy with the quote and accept it.
  13. O now he says it’s a bit expensive and he’s still studying. “It’s a bit expensive I’m still a student”
  14. Ok let me give him a special price and check if he accepts now...
  15. Here we go quote accepted, contract established, Service request goes “in progress”

How to use the AYIO service dashboard and agree changes

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  • service delivery
  • change
  • changes
  • change requests
  • activity log
  • activity tracker
  • tracker
  • log
  • service log
  • service tracker
  • quote
  • financial change
  • financials
  • client requirement
  • track time
  • time management
  • time
  • management
  • manage
  • edit time used
  • duration
  • quote duration
  • actual time
  • complete service
  • add bank details
  • dynamic

  1. Goto MHey, tracking the delivery of a service was never as easy
  2. y Orders
  3. To the “in progress” Tab and hit Dashboard button of the service you’re about to deliver
  4. Now we get to the Service Dashboard where we can track the progress, upload photos, add comments, but as well manage changes
  5. Hit the start service button to start a service and start serving people to make them happy.
  6. The activity log is tracking what you do
  7. If you agree changes with your client, copy & paste the chat history that evidences the change agreement to the comments field
  8. If you agree a financial change, simply update the quote at the bottom and send it to your client for approval.
  9. Before you complete a service, check if the indicated time used in time management is roughly what you’ve offered, otherwise you might increase / reduce the quote.
  10. Hit complete service to finish service delivery and ask your client to approve the service delivery and to pay for your service.
  11. Before you confirm service is completed, a pop up reminds you to check if there is a discrepancy between the quote duration and the actual time used indicated on the dashboard.
  12. Click OK to get the service delivered approved by your client

Your client is not fully satisfied?, get in agreement why, how and what and offer an improvement to your client or lower the quote

  • service improvement
  • improve
  • improvement
  • satisfy client
  • lower the quote after completion
  • agree improvements
  • agree
  • chat
  • communicate
  • make client happy
  • bad service
  • dispute with client
  • don’t want to pay
  • payment issues
  • money need to be agreed
  • money
  • cash
  • satisfy
  • satisfaction
  • change
  • change request
  • dynamic

  1. Ooo, David asks for an improvement, he seems to be not really happy with my guitar lesson
  2. David and all clients have the possibility to ask just one time for an improvement, if they are not happy with the service delivered. That causes the service to back to the previous phase where changes can be made.
  3. Obviously i came a bit too late and had to leave at point 8, so i actually served David only 50 mins. Now David complains cause i still charge 1 full hour
  4. Let’s ask David quikly if a reduction of the quote duration to 50 mins would be fair in his opinion (Hey David fully understand, honestly i was a bit to fast in completing the service, would you agree if we reduce the quote duration to 50 mins instead of 1 hour?)
  5. OL (David in Chat)
  6. David is OK with my proposal, lets initiate the quote reduction now and send it to David for acceptance
  7. Cool David accepted and payed, all good, all happy

Ratings should be honest but fair

  • rate
  • ratings
  • rate client
  • honest
  • add comment for bad rating
  • 5 stars
  • rating flow rating

  1. Hey by accepting my improved service, David has also paid for the service at the same time. Only when payment is successful a service goes to the completed tab. The money will be on my bank account in a few days
  2. Let’s give him a good rating
  3. David was friendly and nice and a good communicator
  4. Actually when you want to rate somebody average or bad you need to provide a comment an explain why in my case i don't need to.
  5. David gets a WOW from me

Add any expenses simply to the Accounting section of your Ayiopreneur profile

  • expenses
  • accounting
  • expenses incurred
  • tax deduction
  • profit statement
  • reduce tax
  • income
  • outgoings
  • costs
  • cost
  • business cost

  1. To protect my clients, my business any myself, i did a general commercial liability insurance
  2. This is clearly an expense required to operate my business so i want it to deduct it from my earrings. On Ayio this is very simple
  3. I just go to the Accounting section
  4. Then hit Add expenses
  5. Upload the invoice
  6. Categorise it
  7. And safe it
  8. And you can see in the account overview how it impacts my profit

Make a liability insurance to protect you and your business

  • Insurance
  • liability
  • accident
  • protection
  • protect you
  • protect your client
  • business insurance
  • liability insurance

Some links to good products:

Almost every bigger insurer offers general commercial liability insurances. Check out and ask for different quotes. Obviously the cost of the insurance is an expenses that can be deducted from tax.

Inform the Social Security Insurance agency about what you're doing and how much money you make

  • social
  • security
  • insurance
  • social security insurance
  • SVA

  1. After a few months of acting as an Ayiopreneur it’s time to inform the Social Security Insurance Agency about your earnings.
  2. Simply send them your Ayio Profit Statement for tax purposes, that shows your profit and they will send you the insurance bill that you can again deduct as an expense on AYIO.

User the Ayioboard to better perform and improve your services

  • Ayioboard
  • performance
  • perform
  • listing calculation
  • metrics
  • stats
  • business management tool
  • manage business
  • manage your services

  1. Hey finally I’ d like to show you a very fancy and cool tool on AYIO that helps you focus on the right services and improve what you love to do
  2. I simply go to the Ayioboard to check how i perform
  3. I can see my potential income, what is in progress, a nice chart view of my earning and expenses
  4. And very cool. Which listing contributes the most to my financial success but also which expenses cost me the most and reduce my profit
  5. Cool not?

If you have any additional questions or problems with AYIO, please contact us at any time with the form below. We usually process your message within 24 hours.

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