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Become self-employed with just a few clicks

You can offer your skills and passions on AYIO quite simply and with just a few clicks. Create a profile, make a listing for each of your services and get started! You act as an independent entrepreneur and with AYIO you have a social business platform ready that supports you digitally and automatically.

We want everyone to earn their money with activities that they are great in and enjoy doing. Independent of education, certificates and personal contacts. As a social business platform, AYIO offers everyone the chance to make their dreams come true and become independent. You can offer different services alternately or all at the same time. You can switch to a part-time role and start working with AYIO additionally. You‘ve got all options open and there are no obstacles to your own satisfaction than your own will. We look forward to you!

This is AYIO

Digitization and automation are central to us. All features on AYIO are constantly evolving under this purpose to make us the best Social Business Platform.

New service requests arrive to you directly via AYIO and you create an offer with just a few clicks.
Order Processing
All service processing is done through AYIO, which ensures constant transparency and traceability.
You and your customers automatically receive notifications about important events and you can chat with each other at any time.
Payments will be sent to your account directly as soon as you complete your service. Without delay and risk of default.
Manage your appointments online and keep track of your service requests.
Marketing of your services is done directly on AYIO and you can share your listings on social media at any time.
Incomes are automatically tracked and expenses can be easily recorded using the AYIO App's scanning feature. So you always keep track of your financial success.
We recommend you suitable insurances and you can take those out through a simplified process directly on AYIO.
Social insurance
Social insurance contributions can be simply reported and balanced.
A transparent annual tax report for the income generated through AYIO simplifies the income declaration.